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There's a lot to consider but know- YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

  1. You might be together and hoping to stay that way.
  2. Or maybe it’s over – now what?
  3. Questions about the process? Breaking up or divorce?
  4. When it's over you'll still need support - let us help.
  5. And then moving on! Ex – What’s Next?

Divorce & Relationship Advice

Breakups and divorce can be a painful, difficult and lonely process. You don't have to go through this alone. EXConnection's social support network gives you the answers and the help you need to get through a breakup or divorce, and to help support others as we all go through this life together. Connect for help today!




Thousands of topics and insights from real people just like you. If you are in the process of becoming an EX you should join the discussion and get advice from your peers. Start healing now.



Read the latest news from EXConnection. You'll learn something you need to know about how to make your marriage work, relationship advice, breakup advice, cost of a divorce or how to join a divorce support group.



You need to talk and learn and we are here to help. Find out what others have to say about marriage advice, legal separation, break up advice and divorce advice. Your advice might help someone out of a tight situation.

Break up advice

Break Up Advice

Break ups are always tough to handle. Some of us can come to terms with it, and some can’t. If you have recently separated or have gotten out of a relationship and need break up advice, we have the answers for you. We have compiled thousands of relevant articles, videos, documents and resources in order to get you what you need right now. Search below for information by subject or click on one of the keywords on the left to see more. Member comments are welcomed and encouraged - we need each other!

Support groups and forums

Support Groups & Forums

Are you looking for supportive people who will share their experiences with divorce or looking for online forums so you share questions and answers to help you through the divorce process? Exconnection has both divorce support groups and divorce forums so you can talk and learn from your peers to find out they have to say about marriage, relationship advice, legal separation and divorce advice. You will need some support no matter what stage you’re in and we are here for you!

Divorce Advice

If you are in the process of divorce or recently divorced, your life is full of challenges as you transition from being married to single, learning to balance life, career, children, home and any other activities can be overwhelming. We have thousands of articles, videos, documents and resources on divorce advice to get you what you need right now. Your thoughts are welcomed and encouraged - we all need to help each other.

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